I am a Boston based illustrator specializing in magazine and book covers, and editorial illustrations and cartoons.  

I have a Certificate in Illustration from the School of the Museum of Fine arts Boston (now part of Tufts University).

I am an Associate Member of the Graphic Artists Guild.

My work has been published on the site Illustration Daily.

editorial illustration

My illustrations appeal to a varied audience:  every day people, those who are both well and casually informed, students,  activists, educators, business people .

Current events drive my work.  To make my illustrations more impactful,  I  often use economic theory, historical references, current legislation and judicial activity in my editorial illustrations.  

Humor is an important part of my work.  Not only do I enjoy using it, I think it helps drive the point of the piece home effectively.



narrative illustration

A good narrative illustration does more than convey a story.  It enriches the story - draws the reader in - and is sensitive to its audience.

I want to take the viewer on a memorable ride when they look at my work.  I want them to imagine a world in a new way.  And I want to encourage  the viewer to look further, be curious, pick up the piece with my work on it, and read it.



I had been painting with oils and watercolors for several years when I noticed that I really liked  my paintings with an editorial message.    In 2013, around the time that I discovered my interest in editorial work,  I started writing and illustrating  a fictionalized family memoir called The Little Cleveland (https://www.thelittlecleveland.com).  I published twenty-four stories on a Word Press site; a story a week, all with at least two illustrations.  My younger daughter was studying fashion design at Washington University in St. Louis when I first started publishing,  and I asked her if she thought that I should get a Certificate in Illustration from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.  She looked at my work for a few minutes, and said "Yes, you should do it."    I completed the certificate in May 2016, and loved every minute of my time in school, even the long hours working on collages for a design class.   I continue to take classes, sketch every day, and create illustrations about some of the many issues in the news, from chemical warfare in Syria to the struggles of African migrants to the shrinking safety net.  I hope that my work can illuminate important issues and highlight those that people don't think about or aren't aware of.